Salutations! My name is Chris Haas and my passion is plant medicine. I began planting my edible and medicinal garden in 2010 and have been growing for about ten years now. The garden consists of around five acres of all-natural plants, both native and non-native. Chemicals, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), weed controllers, etc. are strictly prohibited and avoided as, again, this is an all-natural garden. As for fertilization, natural chicken manure is used with the several different species of chickens I own. I allow the chickens to roam freely about the garden to feed themselves and fertilize the garden. The garden is grown on a south facing slope. For those who don’t know much about gardening, a south facing slope is important for growing because it receives more sunlight and warmth, which helps to regulate and limit how much moisture the plants get. This supports drought-resistant vegetation. 

Along with my all-natural garden, I also produce my own electricity and hot water via solar panels. 

In the future, I hope to one day install edible landscapes.