In a previous life, we were city dwellers, but we decided that lifestyle wasn’t for us. So, we moved to a rural area to live off-the-grid, inspired by the strong movement of “getting back to the land”. Driven to lead a sustainable lifestyle, we decided to do as much as we could to be self-suffcient, living directly off of our homestead as edible garden growers. Our homestead is 100% off the grid, with solar panels that meet most of our energy needs.

With a passion for providing our own healing foods for our household, we want to share our abundance with our local community. As edible gardeners, we grow produce, herbs and plants with the natural ecosystem in mind. Unlike many conventional farmers who take from the land in order to meet high yield demands, we believe that our growing methods actually give to the land. Using permaculture techniques, we give our energy, time and care to the development of agricultural ecosystems, and in turn, our land self-sufficiently gives back to us. Instead of using heavy machinery and equipment, we use our hands and basic hand tools in our gardening.

Warmest Regards, Chris Haas